New CD ‘Domino Girls’ release March 31st 2014

Domino Girls bt Patsy Matheson

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Domino Girls by Patsy Matheson

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Her most ambitious work to date, 'Domino Girls' combines Matheson's trademark innovative song writing with intricate vocal harmonies, classic acoustic guitar and layers of sumptuous string arrangements. Featuring contributions from Belinda O'Hooley (O Hooley & Tidow, Rachel Unthank & the Winterset, Nic Jones trio) - vocals, piano, accordion, Heidi Tidow (O'Hooley & Tidow) – vocals, Anna Esslemont (Uiscedwr, Bad Anna) – fiddle, Sarah Smout (Rosie Doonan & the Snapdragons, Michael Chapman) – cello, and her long time collaborator Jon Short (double bass), with Will Reddy (drums) and Richard Ferdinando (Crosscut Saw) drums, there are nine brand new Matheson compositions as well as 'Chasing Rainbows' – a song given to her by acclaimed songwriter Boo Hewerdine. The songs cover a range of subjects – from affairs of the heart to computer webcam hacking – each sensitively delivered and intricately layered up with her signature vocal harmonies and acoustic guitar.

Domino Girls bt Patsy Matheson

now available to order on Amazon

‘Here's further proof that Patsy Matheson is one of our most original songwriters’– Robin Denselow, The Guardian

‘Patsy Matheson is a significant and stylish songwriter. ‘Domino Girls’ is her most accomplished release yet’ – Andy Kershaw, Broadcaster

‘This is a piece of work of great maturity. It shows that Patsy has paid her dues – she’s done the grind – she’s done the work, and it’s just great. It’s fantastic. ‘ – Jonti Willis Sine FM Roots & Acoustic Music Show

'Patsy Matheson...pure genius...she is phenomenal' – Richard Bolland, Roots & Fusion, Pure FM

‘On heavy rotation is Patsy Matheson’s Domino Girls. High quality folk meets pop. Quite possibly her best album yet’ – Jason Ritchie, Classic Rock News Wire

"Domino Girls" Patsy Matheson at her best, an absolute humdinger of an album... this is one of those albums you can invest so much of your time into, because you know it's going to pay you back by the bucket load, and now there are richer arrangements and instrumentation to add another dimension over the top...whilst I've loved her fully solo albums, the way she's approached this one really does set it apart’ – Neil King, Fatea

‘That new album from Patsy Matheson is bloody wonderful’ – Chris Nickson, Novelist, Music Journalist, Biographer

‘One of contemporary folk’s finest voices and writers... it’s as musically accomplished as you would imagine, but it’s her relaxed, assured vocals, catchy melodies and wry lyrics that are its greatest strengths’ – Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

‘It’s lovely actually, very gentle, very beautiful CD’ – Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire

‘Matheson is a stellar talent who deserves all the plaudits she receives. It’s not folk music, not in the strictest sense of the word; it’s acoustic music, songs filled with genuine music, and several leagues above the majority of singer-songwriters plying their trade these days.’ – Chris Nickson, Novelist, Music Journalist, Biographer

‘One of contemporary folk’s finest voices and writers... it’s as musically accomplished as you would imagine, but it’s her relaxed, assured vocals, catchy melodies and wry lyrics that are its greatest strengths’ – Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

‘The Hollies – listen carefully to the lyrics of this – it’s a great example of really good song writing’ – Mike Harding, Mike Harding Folk Show

‘Domino Girls’ is a stunning collection of 10 songs that confirms her standing as one of the most talented artists on the folk scene today... it will be fascinating to see how she follows this triumph.’ – John Metcalf, Halifax Courier

And here's what folks had to say about Patsy's previous CD, "Stories Of Angels And Guitars"...

'There's an overcrowded market in the UK of female singer-songwriter-guitarists, but Patsy Matheson stands out for the quality of her singing and more importantly, her songwriting...her best songs are thoughtful, delicate and impressively original' - Robin Denselow, The Guardian

‘If I still had a radio show, I'd be playing this CD’ – Andy Kershaw

‘The lass has got a lovely voice – this song (Hundred Guitars) is one of those great songs that tells a story but does it in a very subtle way’ – Mike Harding, Radio 2

'There is something of a light-voiced female John Martyn about Patsy Matheson's singing on So The Same , an impressive and original track on her new album Stories of Angels & Guitars ... her sensitive lyrics and strong singing just click.' - Martin Chilton, The Telegraph

'It's late at night and you should probably go home, but then this girl walks into the bar, pulls a guitar off her back, starts to play and blows your head off...' - Colin Irwin, Properganda

'What a gorgeous album! I'll be including a song or two in the next show.' - Richard Bolland, Roots & Fusion Radio

'Matheson proves over the ten tracks that she is without question far more than just one of the folk world's finest songwriters.' - Jeremy Williams, The KAJE

‘Unhurried and warmly recorded, Patsy Matheson's new set of songs elevates her performances to a remarkable level. It takes a confident soul to leave an album as unadorned as this but the simplicity here is fundamental. Those who hunger for the sound of wood, strings and voice will want to dive right in.’ – David Kushar, Spiral Earth

'The new album from former Waking the Witch member Patsy Matheson, has taken the music world by storm, not yet released but already greatly applauded by industry insiders' – Jean Camp,

‘This album’s also probably one of the most intimate musical experiences you could imagine, with each song so very lovingly crafted, assembled and executed... Stories Of Angels And Guitars is a stunningly fine album, which marks Patsy’s return to recording both as an artistic triumph and a definite contender for the 2012 best-lists (already!)’ – David Kidman, NetRhythms

‘Patsy, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and ex-member of Waking The Witch, has scored a mighty hit with this lovely album...This no-pressure collection of ten soul-searching, starkly beautiful songs has done wonders’ – Mick Tems, Folkwales

‘a gorgeously intimate late night album, full of lush harmonies and a wonderful stillness built of the sparse instrumentation and Patsy’s trademark husky fragility’ – Stephen Lambe, Classic Rock Soc Magazine

‘The vocals are simply stunning... The smoothly melodious voice draws you into a song; add a little acoustic guitar and what more can you want? I would urge lovers of singer/songwriter and folk music to buy this album’ – Jason Ritchie, Classic Rock Newswire

‘Patsy Matheson, returns from the world of recording with a fabulous album... "Stories Of Angels & Guitars" is not an album to be rushed, give yourself time to listen to it properly so you can get the reward due you.’ – Neil King, Fatea Magazine

‘From start to finish Patsy fourth solo album is like an expensive claret, smooth, rich and velvety which takes the listener into a warm glow of musical heaven.’ – Paul Abraham,

‘Patsy Matheson has produced a sensual, intimate and haunting album containing 10 superbly-crafted songs of love, longing and all the emotions in between... the result is a laid back delight that demands to be listened too, preferably with the lights turned low and a decent bottle of wine to hand.’ – John Metcalfe, Halifax Courier

‘The angels are present from the start ...a confident strength and a belief in every word she sings’ – Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky

'It's her smoky, sensual delivery of the blues on No Angel , a laid-back jazzy interpretation of If You Ask Me and her moving album closer Sylvia Jean that reveal the breadth of Patsy's talent as a songwriter and a performer. an imaginative and heart-warming album of songs' - Sofi Mogensen, Proper Distribution

'This is Patsy's fourth solo album... and it is a triumph of songwriting, investigation into the human psyche on the topic of love, and its pure beauty as a piece of art... an exceptionally likable CD and one that will be a favourite in the collection of those who love music, in all its forms, for many years to come' - Carol Borrington, Blues Roots and the Shoots

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